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357More Affordable Defense Equipment

High cost of new supplies. Imbalance between budget and defense capability. This describes a typical debate about military defense today. We provided unmatched solutions for trade-off analysis and optimized life cycle management.

Learn more about our unique capabilities including readiness based sparing and manpower optimization.

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357Opus Suite – Balance Performance and Cost

Which system design should I choose? What quantity of spare parts do I need? What maintenance resources do I need and where should they be located? Complex systems raise many questions. Opus Suite provides the answers.

Learn more about our world-leading software suite.

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357Opus Suite Version 2017

Some key enhancements:
- Simulation results per replication
- Tighter integration of CATLOC with the other tools
- Data exchange with JSON-format
- Shorter runtimes (with 20-50% in SIMLOX)

Learn more about the new release.

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357Making Rail & Public Transport More Appealing

What is the primary cause of delayed trains, light rail, and buses? Does it really have to be this way? At Systecon we provide solutions to increase capability and lower operations costs across the rail and public transport sectors.

Learn more about our perspective on rail and public transport.

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357Looking to Improve Your Skills in RAMS-C and ILS?

We provide courses at multiple levels in the field of systems logistics and Life Cycle Cost. Our courses will introduce you to the Opus Suite toolset, and help you develop effective systems, supportability and logistics solutions to maximize performance at the lowest possible cost.

Learn more about our courses.

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357Systecon North America's 2018 Opus Suite User Group

If your organization uses Opus Suite, if you routinely leverage the tools or their results to solve complex problems, or are interested in learning more about how to use Opus Suite’s unique decision support capabilities to manage complex systems across their lifecycle then this is for you. The 2018 focus of the UG is Life Cycle Management.

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357Making Wind Power More Profitable

Today's low electricity prices can make some wind projects appear unfeasible. But there are ways to improve profitability.

Learn more about our perspective on wind power.

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Optimal Balance Between Performance and Life Cycle Cost

For more than 40 years, we've encountered the same issues in many different industries: Complex, technical systems or products need to be procured, developed and used, but the focus is almost entirely on the procurement cost – instead of the total cost of the system. We have a different perspective. And that perspective can make a difference for you.

Systecon & Transportation

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Systecon & Energy

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Systecon & Defense

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Other Industries

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Our world leading software

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Learn more about how we help our clients in some of the most complex technology projects.


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