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OPUS10 Advanced

The objective of the Advanced OPUS10 Course is to provide participants with the ability to model more complex logistics scenarios and analyze the effect on system performance and costs.

The areas covered by the course are listed below; the course can be focused more on some of the areas depending on the participant needs:

  • Partial Repairable Units (PRU's)
  • Modeling of redundancies both on subsystem and item level.
  • Preventative Maintenance on both Systems & Items.
  • Deployed operations and endurance scenarios in general
  • LORA-modeling in OPUS10
  • Phased deployment (up/down sizing)
  • System prioritization
  • Modeling system variants.
  • Modeling of system/Item/task specific support organizations
  • Batched item repairs and transportation
  • Lateral support
  • Detailed task modeling (corrective and preventive)

The course also aims to give the student a better understanding of the mathematical theory used in OPUS optimizations.

Course Structure

The course is a workshop for a maximum of 8 participants that will include calculations and hands-on use of OPUS. Participants should bring their own calculators.

The exercises are intended to challenge the participants' ability to analyze the information provided and apply it to the modeling. Students will be expected to work on the exercises individually and to use their analytical skills to identify possible solutions.

Prices and Practical Information

Information about course prices and practical details is found here.