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OPUS10 Basic

The objective of the OPUS10 Basic Course is to enable participants to understand basic logistics modeling and to familiarize them with the main OPUS10 functionality.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to model Maintenance Breakdown Structures and Logistics Support Organizations (LSO)
  • Model Stock and Repair policies within LSOs
  • Understand the role of OPUS10 in Life Cycle Cost analyses
  • Understand how to handle uncertainty in input data, for example prices and failure rates
  • Understand the Measures of Effectiveness that OPUS10 can calculate (availability, risk of shortage, backorders etc.)
  • Import/Export data between OPUS10 and different types of databases
  • Run OPUS10 and select results for customized reports
  • Understand when to use OPUS10

The course also introduces the participant to a number of more advanced topics such as:

  • The OPUS10 extended LORA functionality, i.e. Level (Location) of Repair Analysis
  • The mathematical theory behind OPUS10

Course Structure

The course is a workshop for a maximum of 8 participants that will include calculations and hands-on use of OPUS10. The exercises are intended to challenge the participants who will work at their own pace aided by the instructor when necessary.

Prices and Practical Information

Information about course prices and practical details is found here.