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SIMLOX Advanced

The objective of the Advanced SIMLOX course is to provide participants with the ability to model more complex logistics scenarios and analyze the effect on system performance.

The areas covered by the course are listed below; the course can be focused more on some of the areas depending on the participant needs:

  • Modeling of damages on system and item level
  • Modeling of mission formations
  • Criticality modeling (item, mission or failure mode level)
  • System reconfiguration
  • Mission resources
  • Transfers of equipment and systems
  • Modeling of mission dependencies
  • Operational profiles with random components (mission length, number of missions, etc.)
  • Groups of units assigned to an operational profile
  • Lateral support of spares
  • Failure mode task modeling

The course also covers the following more advanced topics:

  • An example of importing data from an LSAR database
  • SIMLOX data-mining, forming your own statistical measures based upon individual replication results
  • Evaluating the economic consequences of a Performance Based Contract (penalties if contract requirements not met) from a probabilistic perspective using the SIMLOX Data Mining Tool


Course structure

This is a 3-day course for a maximum of 8 participants. The focus is on analyzing and explaining SIMLOX results. Some of the exercises will also use OPUS10 for comparison or import of data (however, Basic OPUS10 is not a pre-requisite).

Prices and Practical Information

Information about course prices and practical details is found here.