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This course enable students to understand basic logistics modeling and how it fits within the Monte Carlo simulation framework used by SIMLOX.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the concept of simulation
  • Understand when it an OPUS calculation should be complemented with a SIMLOX simulation
  • Import of data to SIMLOX from OPUS10
  • Understand the different types of Measures of Effectiveness (MoE) used by SIMLOX, for example: mission completion rate, risk of shortage (with time tolerance), resource waiting, backorders etc.
  • Analyze simulation results based upon statistical measures (percentiles)
  • Run SIMLOX and select results for customized reports
  • Build advanced Operational Profiles
  • Using time distributions for turnaround times and transportations
  • Modeling time limited access to maintenance resources
  • Using the Game Mode when verifying or demonstrating SIMLOX model
  • Deployed operations
  • Random missions
  • Mission formations

Course Structure

The course is a workshop for a maximum of 8 participants that will include calculations and hands-on use of SIMLOX. The exercises are intended to challenge the participants’ ability to analyze the information provided and apply it to the modeling.

Prices and Practical Information

Information about course prices and practical details is found here.