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Logistic Analysis

Logistic Analysis is a key element of LCM, and a prerequisite for successful implementation of LCM. The analyses and associated methods provide necessary decision support for management/decision makers to reach the objectives of LCM: maximum operational effectiveness at minimum cost. The course introduces key concepts such as operational effectiveness, RAMS and LCC. Through several exercises, a thorough understanding of the concepts is obtained. The exercises also illustrate and exemplify how Logistic Analysis is conducted in various phases (of a system life cycle).

In this course, you learn:

  • the basics of LCM and Logistic Analysis
  • the basics of operational effectiveness, RAMS and LCC
  • how logistic analyses are conducted in various phases
  • how to predict LCC in early conceptual studies
  • the principles of LCC-based acquisition
  • how to analyze and balance support system investments against their foreseen effect
  • how to use information from monitoring and field experience to continually improve system performance and/or cost picture

Focus is on analyses, methods and to some degree modeling - not directly on how to master the tools within the Opus Suite. For the latter, we refer to Opus Suite Courses

Who should attend

The course is primarily intended for organizations, decision makers, project managers who seek knowledge and understanding on LCM and Logistic Analysis, and how Logistic Analysis could strengthen/support the organization/project and strategic decisions to be taken.

Prices and Practical Information

Information about course prices and practical details is found here.