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Our Defense Industry Services

During the course of a procurement,
it is common for both buyers and
sellers to focus primarily on tangible
factors, such as the procurement
cost. But the initial investment is
always just the tip of the iceberg.
Hidden below the surface is a big
part of the system costs, e.g.
spare parts, operational costs,
maintenance resources – in short,
the total life cycle cost.

Systecon assists both buyers and suppliers
in designing the product and the total
maintenance solution for the optimal balance between availability and cost. We help you analyze how the equipment is affected by the operational conditions. With our experience and our tools, you get a complete picture of everything that impacts the total system life cycle cost, enabling you to reach informed decisions that steer the project in the right direction.

We can help you with:

Readiness Based Sparing, ILS and LCC
Life Cycle Management
Resource Dimensioning
Strategic Logistics Development

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