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Opus Suite for the Defense Industry

Opus Suite, consisting of OPUS10, SIMLOX
and CATLOC, was developed in close
partnership with various military defense
departments and suppliers. For this reason,
the products are adapted to the specific
challenges encountered in the Defense
Industry, with its complex and ever-changing
equipment requirements and long life cycles.
This has resulted in Systecon providing all or parts of Opus Suite for use by most major armed forces and defence industries worldwide.

Some examples of how Opus Suite has been used in the area of military defense:

NH90 - right-size of maintenance staff

OPUS10 and SIMLOX were used to develop analyses of the NH90 helicopter (Hkp 14 in Sweden) for both the Norwegian Defense and the Swedish Armed Forces, in order to right-size the maintenance staff required to achieve a certain operational availability for the helicopter system. The analysis is very useful for instance when planning and recruiting a unit or to be able to test and evaluate various maintenance changes during the operational phase.

NH90 - cost monitoring

Systecon assisted the Swedish Defence Material Administration and the Hkp 14 procurement project in creating a LCC model for the helicopter in CATLOC to enable the monitoring of cost allocations throughout the project.

Robot70 - spare parts strategy

Systecon used OPUS10 to analyze which of two spare parts strategies SAAB Dynamics should select for the support of the Robot70 system. The analysis showed that if OPUS10 is used and includes the entire system, including the maintenance structure, in the calculation, it is considerably cheaper to achieve the same availability for the RBS70 system as compared with procuring the spare parts using an item-by-item strategy.

Gripen Reconnaissance Pod 39 - LORA

Using OPUS10 and SIMLOX, Systecon performed LORA, Level of Repair Analysis, for the JAS 39 Gripen Reconnaissance Pod 39. The analysis was performed for the Swedish Defence Material Administration and uses the system, the organization and the operational profile to calculate and propose the proper allocation of maintenance resources and the best repair strategy.

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