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How to Make Wind Power More Profitable

Given current low electricity prices,
some wind power projects may be
hard to make profitable. For this
reason, some are skeptical about
the profitability of wind power. The
solution often involves building
larger wind farms with more, higher,
and larger wind turbines. But
profitability can be improved in other

During some days with high winds, some wind
turbines are not turning. Why? Is it because
they frequently break and there are not adequate
resources to maintain them, or sufficient spare
parts in stock?

The wind power industry is relatively young and characterized by rapid expansion. In other industries, rapid growth is associated with the risk of a lack of overall perspective and long-term vision. This risk probably exists in the wind power industry as well.

This is where Systecon can help. Using our methodology, tools and experience in the initial project phase, we can demonstrate what is needed to improve production and reduce cost. This information can be used to optimize the maintenance solution, the system and the entire business.

Simply put, we can minimize the risk that production downtime will coincide with favorable wind conditions, i.e. we can maximize the chance that the turbines are operating when the wind picks up. This offers a simple way of improving profitability. And those who doubt the profitability of wind power, and its role in the global energy supply – they will be proven wrong.