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Our Energy Industry Services

Energy production – regardless of the 
type of energy – involves one basic
goal: maximizing production based on
conditions. When wind conditions are
optimal, wind turbines need to be
turning. Unavailability of the right
spare parts is an unacceptable
reason for lost production
for an oil rig.

Using our methods and software applications, we
can analyze the conditions for optimizing energy
production early, in the design phase, when the
ability to impact future costs is at its greatest. This
is how we increase our clients' opportunities—for
example, to complete a successful procurement or design a well-functioning logistics concept. We take a complete view and analyze the efficiency and design of both maintenance resources and organization, and we consider the external factors that impact production – all in order to find the optimal solutions.

We work with wind energy, oil rigs, gas producers, nuclear power plants, and power systems in all phases of the life cycle. Among many other things, we help our clients with:

Resource Dimensioning
System Safety
Life Cycle Management

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