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Opus Suite for the Energy Industry

Opus Suite is Systecon's proprietary,
world-leading optimization, simulation
and cost analysis software. In the
energy industry we use the software
suite to help our clients make
fact-based decisions based on
transparent information.

The wind power and electric grid segments often use
SIMLOX to analyze maintenance resources, organization
and spare parts. Through simulations, it is possible to see how the distribution of resources affects energy production over time. SIMLOX can also be used in product development to analyze how technical design impacts future maintenance costs -- so-called ”design to lifetime cost of electricity.”

In nuclear power, we help our clients procure components or sub systems on a life cycle basis. With CATLOC it is easy to identify cost driving subsystems or analyze the consequence of a particular decision on the life cycle cost.

We assist our clients in offshore oil and gas in optimizing spare parts and inventory management solutions. Using OPUS10 it is possible to optimize a solution based on a given production target or cost ceiling – and increase efficiency while reducing cost.

Contact us for more information about how Opus Suite can help your business.