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Optimizing the Spare Parts Inventory for a Gas Turbine Pool

Photo: Statoil
Statoil uses gas turbines to generate electricity on most of its offshore oil rigs. A spare parts pool was constructed for these gas turbines. The pool supplies spare parts to Statoil's own gas turbines but also to turbines owned by other companies. However, Statoil owns and manages the pool.

Systecon modeled the spare parts pool using
OPUS10, the world-leading spare parts
optimization tool. This analysis showed which
components, and how many, should be stocked
to obtain an acceptable level of risk of component
shortage at the lowest possible cost.

Membership in the pool requires a commitment to invest in new components. The size of each member's contribution depends on the capacity installed. A model for how to allocate investments in the spare parts pool to the participating oil companies was also created and used in conjunction with the optimization results.