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News 2017

Opus Suite Version 2017 Now Available

Continuing Systecon's leadership in Decision Support, Optimization, and Logistics Simulation, the yearly release of Opus Suite is now available. Systecon continues to push the envelope, delivering enhanced capabilities to our customers and strengthening the predictive analytics and decision support capabilities of the tool suite to further Systecon's status as the market leader in this sector.
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Published 02 April 2017

Opus Suite for LCC Analysis

Opus Suite brings your acquisition and life cycle analysis the refinement and horsepower necessary to make your decisions informed and defensible.  Life Cycle Cost analysis is one facet of this challenging domain, and Systecon is up to the task, recognized as the world leader in LCC analysis.  Over several years, in varying applications, Opus Suite has provided the backbone to produce actionable life cycle cost models.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Code of Practice for LCC (RTO-TR-SAS-069) selected Opus Suites’ CATLOC cost analysis module in 2012 to prove the concepts of Life Cycle Cost Analysis by rigorously applying the guidelines of RTO-TR-SAS-069 to generate sound, reliable, independent cost estimates of major weapon system acquisition programs.  The report outlines the fundamental tasks in building an LCC model and how to calculate the particular costs within five dimensions (Resources, Activity, Product, Customer, and Time). https://www.sto.nato.int/publications/STO%20Technical%20Reports/Forms/Technical%20Report%20Document%20Set/docsethomepage.aspx?ID=2239&FolderCTID=0x0120D5200078F9E87043356C409A0D30823AFA16F6010066D541ED10A62C40B2AB0FEBE9841A61&List=92d5819c-e6ec-4241-aa4e-57bf918681b1&RootFolder=https://www.sto.nato.int/publications/STO%20Technical%20Reports/RTO-TR-SAS-076

The German Navy has entered procurement for a new class of multi-role combat ship (MKS-180 class) and needed in depth cost estimations for development, delivery, lifecycle operations and maintenance from the bidders.  Opus Suite provided the modeling templates to ensure bidders LCC models were structured the same, allowing for a comparison of the bids without ambiguity. https://www.systecon.se/news/2016/german-navy-uses-opus-suite-for-major-procurement-program

Stockholm, Sweden’s metro system is being prepared for a fully automatic operation with driverless trains.  Systecon has provided an LCC analysis of platform barriers to inform the Public Transportation Authority investigation of conditions and consequences of introducing a fully automated operating system.  The result is expected to save both lives and millions of Swedish crowns annually. https://www.systecon.se/news/2016/systecons-extended-lcc-analysis-reveals-socio-economic-savings

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Published 15 February 2017