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System Safety

Working with system safety involves the identification, analysis and evaluation of events that can influence the safety of large and complex systems. The concept covers assessment of probability that an undesirable event occurs as well as the consequences of the event.

System safety analysis is an interaction between analytical methods and the ability to evaluate and present the risks, and the implementation of changes in order to enhance the systems safety. System Safety applies to various projects ranging from aviation to traffic to plants such as nuclear power generation. Although the objectives are the same: to identify and decrease the probability for and the consequences of hazardous events.

The Systecon focus:

  • A Holistic and Comprehensive view of the probability and consequence of the occurrence of hazardous events.
  • Detailed analyses (e.g. fault tree analyses) of the events that are assessed as constituting the biggest risk.
  • Measures in order to decrease the risks.
  • The relationship between people and technology.

Example of services

Systecon’s services within System Safety vary from Project Management, to detailed studies of specific systems. It includes:

  • Identification and advice for system improvements.
  • Decision-making support for active hazard prevention (risk handling).
  • Preparation of documentation for authorities approvals and environment applications.
  • Specification of requirement during the acquisition procedure.

The Systecon service will include the customer receiving a thorough review of systems properties that can be used for other purposes, for example analysis of reliability, logistics support and life cycle cost (LCC).