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The Systecon team has deep and varied experience in providing high quality expertise to the Department of Navy, as well as to other Department of Defense organizations, US & International Governments, and commercial customers. Our experience includes a broad range of analytic services covering a large geographical area. Systecon takes great pride in its premier staff, who are highly trained and experienced professionals, possessing an abundance of expertise in many SeaPort statement of work areas.

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Quality Assurance

Systecon strives to uphold the highest standards in all aspects of business, from employees to security, to the quality ofwork performed and delivered. To maintain high quality products and analyses on every task, quality control is emphasized in our management approach. Quality control is a day-to-day, fundamental activity of the projectmanager. In addition, periodic reviews of project activities are conducted for the program manager by the project lead. Where the program manager is the project lead, another senior analyst performs the review. This provides an independent assessment of project progress toward the achievement of project objectives.

Systecon requires that each analyst (senior, mid, and junior) on the project team be responsible for the quality and timeliness of assigned subtasks. By assigning responsibility down to the analyst level, control of overall cost and quality is simplified and problems are quickly resolved. To expedite this process, communication between individual analysts, Systecon managers and customer personnel is open, informal and encouraged. Generally, most communication between the contractor and the government on individual tasks is done by the project lead. However, Systecon has learned that easy and open communication between team analysts, government, and other personnel allows problems encountered by analysts to be quickly resolved while quality and applicability of the final product is improved. In addition, good communication at all levels of the project team gives each individual a greater sense of responsibility in the final product and, consequently, a better final product.

Other technical reviews are also an important part of producing quality products. Systecon technical review policy is predicated on the premise that critical internal reviews cannot wait until the product is in its final stages, where major revisions are costly and result in schedule slips or in a poor quality product. Internal technical reviews are, therefore, conducted throughout the duration of the program.

These reviews consist of:

  • A study methodology and technique review held early on between the program manager and project lead to ensure a sound technical approach. An interim “peer” review involving all project personnel, the program manager, and several senior cost analysts not assigned to the project to review results to date and determine whether alternative approaches are in order.
  • An interim “management” review involving all project personnel, the program manager, and Systecon Technical Director to review results to date and resolve issues potentially affecting product quality.
  • A final review involving all project personnel and the program manager that focuses on insuring the final product meets project objectives and the team’s quality standards. Any deficiencies found during these reviews or during daily business that could potentially hinder meeting project objectives will be addressed and/or corrected immediately.

Each Systecon analyst will help support the quality control plan with awareness, integrity, insight and communication. This will ensure that the project’s requirements are met in an efficient and thorough manner.

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